With a strong background in hospitality and fashion paired with a passion for travel, it’s no surprise that these have become my specialist subjects over the years. However, I’ve developed a versatile style of writing allowing me to turn my hand to almost any brief within both BC2 and B2B industries.

Whether you are in need of content for web pages, blog posts, news articles, social media or email marketing campaigns, I’m your girl. If you are in search of engaging, informative, SEO friendly, fit for purpose content that actually resonates with your audience, I can help you. What’s more, I can assure you that you and your readers will never have to read another piece of boring copy again!


There’s no point investing in copy and content that no one sees. Trust me to build outreach strategies utilising social media channels, affiliate marketing, micro-influencers and bloggers so that you’re reaching the right audience to drive conversions.


Social media is so much more than just advertising your products or services – I see so many businesses simply hard selling across social media – missing out on many of the benefits that come with it! Social media is about building brand awareness, interacting with your customers: both loyal and potential, engaging in conversations, discussing important topics, identify trends, reaching out to relevant markets, providing great customer service and of course, advertising. I can create and publish content, manage and create profiles and provide regular reporting on your social media channels.