Common mistakes brands make when it comes to social media marketing

Social media can be a valuable tool for your business when it is utilised effectively, from creating a digital footprint to generating leads or sales and everything in between. But that’s the problem, so many brands forget about the ‘everything in between’. They forget about connecting with their audience,  discussing relevant topics, and in some cases, they forget the entire ‘social’ aspect of social media.

One of the stand out mistakes for me is posting for the sake of posting, I used to work a number of clients that had been promised x amount of posts each and every day, it’s lucky this was remote work because my eyes roll every time I see that on a brief.  There is absolutely no point in posting at 9am, 1pm, and 7pm every day like clockwork if you’re posting irrelevant or repetitive content. By all means, post as much as like if you’re posting content that is actually valuable. Just take a moment to ask yourself will this actually resonate with my audience or is it a load of crap before you get carried away.

Next up is not using platform-specific content. It might seem like a great idea to set up a Hootsuite account and create a page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ (does anyone actually use that anymore?), because you think that’s what your competitors are doing, but it’s also completely pointless if you’re posting the same content to each. First and foremost, choose the platforms you actually really need to be on, create specific content for each and worry about the rest later. It’s all about understanding your audience through trial and error, but you can’t do this effectively if you’re just piggybacking content across all social media.

Avoiding topics and content that isn’t directly related to your brand, product or service is another one. It’s the equivalent to someone that only ever talks about themselves, never good is it? A lot of brands seem to think that the sole interest of their audience is them. Mix it up a bit, post relevant news articles, produce content that isn’t just about your brand, share opinions on trending topics.

Last but definitely not least, hard selling. This is for those brands that totally overlook the social aspect of social media. This one really simple, just don’t do it. Not on LinkedIn, not on Facebook and don’t even bother on Instagram.

If it sounds like a little too much hard work to avoid these common mistakes, hire me to do it for you.

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