Four famous faces that have nailed social media

Celebrities on Social Media usually means one of two things, a PR dream, or a PR nightmare, finding the right balance on oversharing, voicing opinions and self-promotion can be more difficult for certain famous faces than others! Social media has become one of marketing’s most powerful tools over the years… For those in the public spotlight, it gives them the opportunity to share updates in real time, give behind the scenes access into their lives and interact with fans on a daily basis, and when it’s done right, it can be great!

For me, it’s always great to see public figures using their profiles to raise awareness of important issues, breach difficult subjects and support causes that need it. BUT it’s also important that the content rolled out is entertaining or informative, to ensure followers are interacting. Below are four celebrities that (in my opinion) have nailed social media recently…

Maya Jama 

Maya Jama is the QUEEN of keeping it real on social media.  A huge advocate of realistic beauty standards and supporting other players in the industry, a lot of influencers could take a leaf out of Maya’s book. Her Instagram is the perfect combination of funny, endearing content, giving an insight into her daily life, from the glam room to the finale of her biggest projects. Maya uses her social media to openly discuss her anxiety body positivity. She really does come across as the person that EVERYONE wants to be best friends with.

Professor Green 

Rapper, responsible dog owner, documentary presenter AND social media kingpin. Not only does Pro Green give fans an insight into his daily life, from chilling at home with the dogs to the hitting the road on the tour, but he also produces some really valuable content. He actually made a new account called ‘I Used To Rave But Now I‘ dedicated to food, homeware, and doggy care recommendations. But for me, what sets Professor Green aka Stephen Manderson apart from the rest is his consistency in breaching difficult subjects, mirrored in his documentaries, from dangerous dogs to mental health and homelessness, he offers an honest insight into sensitive subjects encouraging others to talk about it. It’s no exaggeration to say I share or receive a post from Professor Green almost daily. 

Check out The Book of Man for more on mental health from PG.

Chrissy Teigen 

Similarly to Maya Jama, Chrissy is a big advocate of realistic beauty standards and keeping it real for her fans. The mum of two unapologetically documents the true realities of motherhood. Chrissy is particularly good at making light of headlines, especially those concerning her, her husband John Legend or her arch enemy Donald Trump. Chrissy constantly hits the headlines for her activity on social media, and more often than not, this is a good thing for her! From sharing recipes from her cookbook, cute videos of her children, or trolling her husband, Chrissy has nailed the perfect combination!

50 Cent

Now, 50 Cent is one of those that is definitely on the cusp of PR nightmare, but he is HILARIOUS. His posts get huge responses, although not always glowing responses, people are definitely talking about and sharing his content a lot! You can usually find him on Instagram trolling celebs or leaking information about his own show Power…

For me, there are a few things all four of these celebrities have in common… and that is that they are raw, unfiltered (it may be debatable whether that is good or bad in some cases), honest and relatable. If followers can resonate with the message an individual or brand is putting out there, it can have a really positive impact. Whether it’s intentional or not, these guys have really got it right!

In marketing it’s not always just about looking at what competitors are doing, it’s about finding what appeals to your target audience and using that for your brand and important topics surrounding it, social media is a marketing powerhouse when used correctly!

Thanks for reading! xo

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