Every year, I write over a million words. From think-pieces and entertainment news to website and social copy, I tell stories, and I tell them well.

It’s not just words I’m good with; I’m also an experienced strategist, specialising in social media and affiliate marketing. Over the years, I’ve worked with start-up and world-renowned brands to build and coordinate content and marketing strategies from the ground up.

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Priya is a consummate professional delivering high quality, tailored content according to tight briefs whilst allowing for her creative talents. Priya is excellent to work alongside, communicates in a direct but friendly manner whilst providing a positive working relationship. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Priya over the previous 8 years, and it is of no surprise to see how successful Priya has become given her professional and inclusive manner. Highly recommended.
Andrew Penfold: Director, Alacrity consulting
Since working with Hypebrid in 2020, Priya has proved to be an invaluable asset to the business. Her highly skilled copywriting, initiative driven approach and speedy delivery have proven to ensure that Priya is now one of our top freelancers. I can place complete trust in Priya to deal first hand with all clients and when approached for freelancers, we have not hesitated to put her forward. Look forward to working with Priya on many other jobs in the future.
Jason Edwards: Director, Hypebrid
From creating news articles to writing more light-hearted pieces, Priya has demonstrated her ability to switch between writing styles by producing a number of engaging and informative posts as a contributor at GRM Daily. Priya has also exhibited her knowledge of audience awareness by sourcing relevant news stories for the GRM audience.As well as covering the latest news and music within the UK urban scene, the GRM Daily website also covers a range of topics from all over the world and Priya’s extensive knowledge has made her a valued team member here at GRM.
 Courtney Wynter: Senior Editor, GRM Daily
With Culture Shift being a very young media outlet that helps you stay connected to hip-hop, fashion and lifestyle, it was vital for me to take on someone who could help the brand make an immediate impact and this is where Priya came in. She was our 1st ever contributor, and she continues to impress me with her unique angles on storytelling and is confident enough to suggest alternatives if it means delivering something more valuable to the audience. As Culture Shift grows, I have every intention to continue working with Priya; I'm excited for her to be a part of the journey.
Esh Jugal: Founder, Culture Shift
Priya is doing a fantastic job on our social media accounts, copy and influencer marketing. From content planning and proactive engagement to new influencer partnerships and web copy, she covers everything so that I can focus on the boring trade stuff. She is an efficient and brilliant writer who always delivers content on time and straight to the point according to the brief! It's nothing but a pleasure to work with Priya!
 Bella Illinskaya: Co-founder, Gunna Drinks